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Framework Laptop

Here is a few things I've setup on the Framework 13 laptop to make things a touch better.


I'm running LMDE6 and appart from the Monitor Brightness and Aircraft Mode keys not mapping correctly it seems to work fine out of the box.


Well, yes... It sucks, at first...

To fix it, install 'easy effects' as this is the new drop in replacement for the pulse effects app, designed for the pipewire audio stack.

sudo apt install easyeffects -y

Download and import my custom calibrated (and tuned) profile from my site into easy effects. https://install.sn0wlink.com/sn0wlink-fw-sound-profile.json

This profile should load a custom EQ curve and setup a limiter to prevent clipping of frequencys the go beyond the speakers capabilities.

You can get this profile to unload itself when bluetooth headphones are disconnected, as you don't want this profile loaded on those.

inside of easy effects, go to Pipewire->Presets Autoloading, then select the new audio device and a flat preset when the Bluetooth device is connected. Make sure to setup a load profile on the 'Built In' device to load the calibrated profile back again when finished.